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Salt Lake City Public Library Event- For Women

The Salt Lake City Public Library is hosting an evening devoted to a new kind of retirement, one focused on the generation of women who set the standard for women in business.

PROGRAM: On Friday night, May 18th, in the Main auditorium Helen Dennis will be speaking about “The New Retirement: A Unique Time for Professional Women.”

Here are the details:

The generation of women currently entering retirement shaped the landscape for working women, and now, they are creating a new type of retirement, one full of possibility for positive change and adventure.

Helen Dennis, one of the authors of “Project Renewment: the First Retirement Model for Career Women,” will share trends in new retirement, and discuss the circumstances that changed working and retirement for women. “Project Renewment” is a Los Angeles Times best-seller, and Dennis will have a wealth of information for those planning on entering the next steps in their lives.

About the Author: Helen Dennis is a nationally recognized expert on aging, employment, and retirement. She has worked with over 10,000 employees to plan the non-financial aspects of their retirement. Dennis has over 20 years of academic experience working with USC’s Andrus Gerontology Center. She has served as a delegate to the White House Conference on Aging, and she writes a column on aging for The Daily Breeze.

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