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September Luncheon

September Luncheon

Sep 6, 2012

   It was wonderful be back together after the summer break and even see new faces among our group. We heard from those of our members who attended the Republican National Convention in Florida. They spoke very highly of the impact Mitt and Ann Romney had on the delegates there, and of the energy present at the convention. We also heard delegate reports from those working in the Utah delegation offices (Senators Hatch and Lee, and Congressman Chaffetz).
   We had Melissa Ruiz, Supervisor and Criminal Investigator of the U.S. DHS – Homeland Security Investigations.
   Melissa Ruiz is a supervisor and investigator at the Salt Lake City office of Homeland Security Investigations (HSI). HSI is responsible for investigating immigration crime, human rights violations and human smuggling, smuggling of narcotics, and financial and cybercrime.  As a directorate of ICE, Immigrations and Customs Enforcement, HSI aids in combating the illegal movement of people and goods into, within, and out of the United States.
   Ms. Ruiz spoke about the variety of issues the HSI is responsible for, including the following: citizenship/immigration services, gang/organized crime investigations (intellectual property rights, trafficking counterfeit goods, forces child labor, smuggling, and human rights/war crimes), child pornography, narcotics smuggling, financial investigations, and immigration investigations.
   For more information about the Department of Homeland Security, visit this link,
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