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October Luncheon- Candidates and Campaigns

October Luncheon- Candidates and Campaigns

Oct 4, 2012

Today’s discussion with candidates Christy Achziger (District 44) and Chris Stewart (Utah’s 2nd Congressional district) was very invigorating.

1. Christy is running against Democrat Tim Cosgrove for House District 44’s representation in the Utah State Legislature. She is excited to be able to offer her district a candidate that is willing to create bills that will improve the area. More information about Christy and ways to help her can be found at

2. Christ Stewart spoke to us about his background in the military, his experience owning a business, and his time as an author. He elaborated on his reasons for running for office. Chris is very passionate about doing his part to stop the direction the country is currently heading and focus on making America a strong hold again. More information about Chris and his campaign can be found at

3. PRW member, Grace Sperry is running for House District 40. She wasn’t able to speak to us today, but more information about Grace can be found at

4. One of the missions of PRW is to empower women to run for office. Another woman, Anne-Marie Lampropolous is running for House District 37. More information about Anne-Marie can be found at

5. Former PRW member, Bette Arial, is currently running for the State School Board. More information about Bette and her campaign can be found by logging in to facebook and searching for “Bette Arial for State School Board.”

6. PRW member Sarah Nitta is running for House District 27. More information about Sarah can be found at Sarah also has a facebook group.

There are so many exciting things to get involved with right now!

Save the date for our November luncheon on Thursday, November 1, 2012 with guest speaker, Enid Greene Mickelsen.

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