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September 2015 Luncheon

We had an excellent meeting this month thanks to guest speaker, LeeAnn B. Linderman. LeeAnn is the Executive Vice President of Enterprise Retail Banking at Zions Bancorporation. LeeAnn gave an inspiring presentation while informing of us of her background, professional experience and cutting edge leadership style. We are grateful to LeeAnn for her time and commitment and happy that so many of our members attended and asked such meaningful questions.  If you missed the event – please see specific details of the event below.


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PRW was pleased to host LeeAnne B. Linderman as its featured speaker at the September 2015 meeting.  LeeAnne is presently the Executive Vice President of Enterprise Retail Banking at Zions Bancorporation.  She has been a positive and dominating force in the banking, finance, and retail management sectors.  Passionate about the positive impact her bank and the industry have on local economies and communities, she currently serves on the American Bankers Association Professional Development Council.  LeeAnne was the first woman chair of the Utah Bankers Association and began one of the first “Careers for Women in Banking” conferences in the country.

LeeAnne currently serves on the corporate board for ARUP Laboratories and is also board secretary for the United Way of Salt Lake and founding member of its Women’s Leadership Network.  In addition, LeeAnne serves as vice chair of the Urban Central Region Board of Intermountain Healthcare.  She recently founded Veteran Mothers, Inc., a not-for-profit providing housing for homeless female veterans and their children.

The topic of discussion was:  “Share Your Professional Journal”

LeeAnne’s Family Background

LeeAnne is a native of Michigan and was raised in a very traditional family.  She holds a B.S. in Business Administration from Auburn University and is a graduate of the Pacific Coast Banking School.  Education was paramount in her family as well as becoming extremely adaptable. In today’s business environment, she sees that as a positive…handling change effectively.

Thoughts on Becoming Successful

Her first career was in merchandising in department stores.  She enjoyed being involved with people.  Her second career was in the banking industry.  It was important for her to invest time and talent in the local community.  LeeAnne had the ability to “start over” because she had always been fiscally conservative.

Ideas on Women’s and Minority Leadership

  • Devotion to education.
  • Think outside of the box – LeeAnne brings expertise and ideas outside of banking.
  • “Trying hard isn’t enough – you need results” (quote from her father).
  • “Do more than is asked” – (quote from her mother that set her apart).
  • Observe others who are successful.
  • She and her husband have a not-for-profit organization for homeless female veterans and their children. She works with the VA to get additional funding.
  • Mentoring and networking are extremely valuable.
  • LeeAnne describes herself as a moderate. Don’t just throw more money at something to seemingly get better results.
  • Likes to provide endorsements.
  • Campaigns for candidates she likes.
  • Focuses first on candidate…not on party.
  • We need Republican men to take up the cause for women.
  • Madeleine Albright, “There is a special place in hell for women who don’t support other women.”
  • Challenges we are currently facing: air quality, water, transportation, early childhood education, the political environment, and extreme views that can cloud children’s decisions.

And on a final personal note, LeeAnne very much admires the work of Anne Doyle. Ms. Doyle authored the book Powering Up!  How America’s Women Achievers Become Leaders.    From the locker room to the board room, Anne Doyle spent years breaking barriers for women.   LeeAnne was extremely gracious and brought this book Powering UP! to share with our PRW members.

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