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PRW November 2015 Luncheon – Aimee Winder Newton

We were delighted to have Aimee Winder Newton speak to us last month at our luncheon.  She gave a very motivating presentation on the topic of:  “Why Run for Office” … (Leave a door open in case you ever want to run for office.).  

Please see the recap below in case you missed it or forgot to take notes:

Aimee Winder Newton chooses to be in public service because she knows she can make a difference!  Aimee has been serving on the Salt Lake County Council since January 2014 and is the first Republican woman elected to the council.

Aimee’s first experience began in the 6th grade at Calvin Smith Elementary when she ran for school president.  She didn’t get enough signatures on the ballot and lost.  She claims it was an “epic failure!”  She ran again for office in the 8th grade and lost.  Then she ran for SBO Secretary in Junior High and won…later to win again in High School as Vice President.  She was determined to NEVER GIVE UP!

Aimee learned early in life that an ordinary woman can do extraordinary things.  Her mother was a homemaker with little experience in the political sector.  That changed when Mrs. Winder found out that an unsightly cell phone tower in her neighborhood was erected without going through the proper processes.  Aimee’s mother was able to get that tower removed…and ended up being co-chair of the Taylorsville incorporation effort.

Aimee’s campaign slogan was:  “Bold Voice — Fresh Ideas”

Aimee highlighted the following points as she shared her experience about why it is important to have a woman’s voice at the table and an inside look at the highs and lows of campaigning:

  • Public Service is about giving back
  • An ordinary woman can do extraordinary things
  • There is a time and season
  • Women need other women
  • Women and men think differently and have different voices
  • Don’t worry…eventually your skin gets thicker. Know who you are and be okay with it.
  • Campaigning is fun (you really get to know yourself!)
  • Believe in yourself!
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