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Utah Women and Leadership Project Announcements

We (at the Utah Women & Leadership Project) have a number of announcements this morning:

First, as you know, Former Governor Olene Walker passed away this past week. I knew her personally and have appreciated her greatly through the years. For those interested in learning more about her life, I wrote a chapter a while back on her life for one of my books ( and received permission to put it online (look to the bottom of the page: “The Lifetime Leadership Development Journey of Former Governor Olene Walker”).

Second, we are thrilled to announce a new page on our website, titled “Utah Boards & Commissions.” This page provides info about serving on nonprofit boards and also includes links to webpages (or phone numbers) that will help you find information about serving on a government board, commission, or committee for Utah cities, counties, and the state.  Thanks to my assistant, Bonnie Mortensen, and for the following volunteers who helped collect the information: Peggy Green, Elizabeth Vargis, Binmattie Sewnarain, Paula Rogel, Nicole Grothe, Michelle Prosoki, and Amy Williamson.

Third, check out our new blog that was written by First Lady Jeannette Herbert, titled “Mothers as Leaders.”

Fourth, you can watch our last Utah Women’s Leadership & Dialogue Series event, titled “You’re Already Good Enough: How Embracing Imperfection and Cultivating Confidence Frees You to Influence and Lead!” at the following UEN page:

Fifth, RSVP today for the next Utah Women’s Leadership Speaker & Dialogue Series event, titled “Neuroscience, Confidence, and Leadership for Girls & Women.” It will be held on January 27 (6:30-8:30 pm) at Utah Valley University. Check out the event flyer; choose one of three workshops that evening (see page 2 of flyer). We will also have it live streamed:

Finally, join us on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. For information about assisting more women in attending and completing college, check out the Utah Women & Education website and its associated social media as well: Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter.


We wish you a wonderful December and happy holidays!


Susan & Team


Dr. Susan R. Madsen

Orin R. Woodbury Professor of Leadership and Ethics

Utah Valley University, Woodbury School of Business

(801) 863-6176


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