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Salt Lake County Senior Policy Advisor Position

Fellow PRW Aimee Winder Newton is looking for a new staffer.  Please see her post below:

I am now taking resumes to fill this position. If you are interested in applying for this job, please look over the job description below and email me at a cover letter and resume.

Salt Lake County Council Senior Policy Advisor
Exempt Position: Salary $74,784 plus full benefits
This is a political appointment by each council member. The position may be terminated at any time.

Position Summary: Represents and performs duties for the council member in their absence, except for formal decision-making functions. Routinely performs public relations activities and acts as a liaison between the council office and the community. Researches County issues and provides information for policy decisions. Leads social media efforts to provide information to constituency.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Represents the council member at meetings, compiles evaluation reports, summarizes material presented to him/her and advises council member.
  2. Acts as public relations officer and as the council member’s spokesperson. Writes press releases, letters, speeches, talking points and other materials.
  3. May assist in lobbying for issues of interest to the council member.
  4. Structures a social media outreach plan and implements education efforts using a variety of social media platforms.
  5. Assists in the review of the annual budget for Salt Lake County and looks for items that need further evaluation. Reviews and evaluates budget requests from all departments and elected officials.
  6. Attends meetings with the council member. Represents them on various assigned committees and coordinates informational flow between those committees and the council member.
  7. Performs follow-up work on letters, phone complaints, social media questions/complaints, and requests for information. Assists individuals seeking information or assistance. Visits and inspects various county facilities and programs. Reports to the council member on the status.
  8. Coordinates and facilitates sharing of council information among various departments, divisions and elected officials. Fosters relationships with other elected officials both in the county and in other government agencies.
  9. On call 24 hours a day to respond to emergencies.
  10. Meets with employee representatives to discuss employee issues and recommends personnel policies to the council member.
  11. Researches and analyzes countywide policy issues and works with the council member to develop new policy/law. Drafts council resolutions.
  12. Prepares Council of the Whole and Council agenda items, coordinates public notice requirements, coordinates the preparation of materials for agenda packets.
  13. Maintains key files and confidential documents for the council member.


  • Applicant needs to be savvy enough to deal with highly political situations, have strong interpersonal skills, be well spoken, and have the ability to build relationships easily.
  • Must have strong research skills and the ability to read material and summarize.
  • Bachelor’s degree in communications, public relations, political science, or a related field; or equivalent work experience required.
  • Must have excellent writing and social media skills.
  • Must have knowledge of and are able to understand public affairs, taxation issues, political issues and other issues affecting the county and other government entities.
  • The ability to keep information confidential is imperative.
  • Must be very organized, hard working, and energetic.


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