Professional Republican Women of Utah

Recruiting & Training Republican Women for Elected Office in Utah

2017 January & February

January 5th luncheon meeting speaker was Robert Spendlove, Economist for Zions Bank and Representative from District 49.  He enlightened us about what the ‘economic indicators’ are and what they mean.  It was fascinating to learn about the ‘unemployment’ report and how so many workers are under-employed or have given up finding a job. He also talked about the ‘Trump Bump’ in the economy. He mentioned how the cycle of recessions puts us in line for a recession in the next 12-18 months.  However, with the ‘Trump Bump’ a recession might be pushed off for up to three years.

**Mark you calendars for February 2nd’s luncheon meeting- in the Aspen Room (next door to the Copper Room).  Our women legislators have been invited to speak to us.

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