Professional Republican Women of Utah

Recruiting & Training Republican Women for Elected Office in Utah

Our History

PRW started in 1984 when Lynn Price was Chair of the Salt Lake County Republican Party.

At the time, there was a big push by many liberal Democrats for support of the Equal Rights Amendment. We were opposed to the ERA.

Frequent comments in the newspapers indicated that “No thinking woman would be a Republican!”

In that climate, Mary Callaghan, the elected party secretary, commented that maybe we needed to make Republican women more visible. The idea was put forth for a professional women’s organization to counter the claim that thinking women would choose to not be Republican.

A handful of involved female professional and politically involved women were invited to participate in discussions and in organizing PRW.

Our goal was to help make Republican women more visible, give them a forum for speaking out on pertinent issues, get even more women involved and help them become more knowledgeable about the political process and help them become viable candidates.

We did not want to become a tool of the Party, but, rather, be a means of keeping the Party and our elected Representatives tuned into issues we thought were/are important.

You can see from the list of former and current PRW presidents, that PRW has been led by very qualified and influential women.

  • April 1984 – April 1986 Georgia Peterson (former Utah legislator)
  • April 1986 – April 1987 Suzanne Bradford (wife of a Utah legislator)
  • April 1987 – April 1988 Olene Walker, Ph.D. (former legislator and former governor)
  • April 1988- Dec. 1989 Carol Browning (a professional working woman)
  • Jan. 1990 – Dec. 1991 Judith W. Parker, Ph.D (BYU educator)
  • Jan. 1992 – Dec. 1993 Mary Callaghan (professional working woman, former County Party Secretary, S.L.Co. Commissioner)
  • Jan. 1994 – Dec. 1995 Karlynn Hinmann (lawyer)
  • Jan. 1996 – Dec. – 1997 Dixie Minson, former Chair of Weber County Republican Party, office manager for Senator Bennett)
  • Jan. 1998 – Dec. 1999 Lynn Price (former Chair of SLCo. Republican Party, Member of the National Rep. Platform Committee, Chair of PRW organizing committee)
  • Jan. 2000 – Dec. 2001 Mary Langston Taylor, Sen. Orrin Hatch’s SL. office
  • Jan 2002 – May 2003 Marreen Casper, Sen. Orrin Hatch’s SL office
  • June 2003 – May 2005 Renee Murphy, business woman, wife of congressional candidate
  • June 2005- May 2007 Dianne Yancey, business woman
  • June 2007 – May 2009 Jennifer Hogge, business woman
  • June 2009 – May 2011 Carlene Walker, former legislator, business woman
  • June 2011 – May 2013 Candace Daly, lobbyist
  • June 2013 – May 2017 Neka Roundy, Economic Development
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